Storytelling Workshops + Personal Coaching

Storytelling and public communication are essential to every role working in any organization on every level. At the core of everything we work on is a personal drive and passion. What our products and projects do is one thing, but more compelling is where our dedication comes from and revealing who we are. Through personal storytelling we are not working on a pitch, we are working on fostering empathy.

This is more than just writing your mission statement or preparing a good PowerPoint deck, I will help you ground your work and mission in your own personal story. Not just what you do, how you do it, but why it’s important that you are a part of it. By bringing in your own story to your work, audiences will better empathize and understand your work. This will make it easier to pitch to funders, explain to users, and you won’t have to worry as much about memorizing your pitch. Because you won’t be reciting a pitch, you’ll be talking about yourself.

In a series of workshops (with a team) or one on one consultations, I will help you surface and craft your story, develop techniques for public speaking and public presentations, and build the foundation of your personal story that can be used for various marketing purposes.

Team Workshops: a team workshop should have 6-8 people and could meet either once a week (2 hours per meeting) for 5 weeks; or a 2 day (5 hours per day) intensive workshop. In these workshops we will go over exercises about developing your story; story structure, tone, themes; public speaking exercises; how to connect with an audience. The end result of the workshop will be each team member solidifying a 7-8 minute personal story.

One on one coaching: I am also available for one on one development and coaching. This can be set up on a case by case basis, but I would recommend at least 4 1-hour long sessions.

About Me: Asher is a community organizer and storytelling producer.  He most recently produced a week long storytelling festival, Speak Up Rise Up. The festival highlighted a combination of traditional and non-traditional performers, with a series of community partnerships and featured guests. Features such as Ophira Eisenberg, Josh Johnson, Aparna Nancherla, Kevin Allison graced the stage along side showcases from community groups, such as Planned Parenthood, the NYC Veteran’s Alliance, and Lady Parts Justice League.

In his storytelling world, he is the co-host and producer of the podcast, “The Whole Story.”  He has produced the monthly show “So What Happened Was” for over 3 years, and been featured on Risk!, Yum’s the Word, Take Two Stories, among others. He has worked with the Moth’s community engagement program in coaching workshops, coached and directed 3 solo shows, and recently developed and produced 3 of his own solo shows.

Asher is also a community organizer, and has worked with local groups such as Get Organized BK, SURJ-NYC, Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats. He is on his local Community Board and emergency management response team. He has a background in government work, media production (film, TV, and digital marketing materials), and has bartended in the past as well.

If you are interested in setting up a workshop, please fill out the below form and we’ll set up an initial call:

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