What We’re Celebrating Today

The 4th of July is about many things.  It’s about BBQing, drinking with your friends, Twilight Zone marathons, watching Jeff Goldblum, Will Smith, and Bill Pullman save the world.  It’s about long weekends and the beach and celebrating the Summer.  It’s also about independence.  It’s also about freedom.  I think between grilling meat and planning our vacations we lose sight of that.  I think we forget what that means sometimes.  To me, it means:

Instead of being upset that a Supreme Court decision upsets you, celebrate that we have a Supreme Court.

Instead of being upset that other people in our country have different opinions than yours, celebrate that we are allowed to share our opinions and debate them.    
Instead of complaining about shortcomings our country suffers on the Internet, celebrate that you have a computer and open Internet (for now).  
Celebrate that we can argue.  
Celebrate that we can express our opinions.  
Celebrate that we can partake in making our country better.   
Celebrate that we live in a free country.
That’s how I’m celebrating Independence Day.  And with BBQs and watching Jeff Goldblum.  
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